Wow… I’m blogging. Who would have thunk?! Lol

I decided to start this for a variety of reasons. Mainly because I’m a Virgo and I have a tendency to internalize my feelings… all the time. All. The. Time. I’m surprised that there isn’t an overwhelming number of spontaneous combustion deaths amongst Virgo people. We can hold stuff in better than most for sure.

So…I have always had a love for words and writing, so this is right up my alley. My posts will probably range from current events, politics, what’s on my mind, relationships, being the mother of a tween, my day to day happenings and of course food! Lol Food is life!! So pretty much any and everything I feel is blog worthy. Oh… And just to be clear… I cuss a little bit… You’ve been cautioned. 😁

Not really sure if anyone will read any of this but I can say just composing this intro is making me feel pretty good already.

Why “Pretty Brown Virgo Nerd” as a site name? Well because that’s me all wrapped up in four little words!! Self explanatory, right!? Of course it is…

I’m looking forward to see what this will become…

Day one.


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