So here is a little bit about me that should let you know my level of “good common ass sense. ” I’m an 80’s baby!! 1980 to be exact! Back when we had grandparents that were “grand” parents, not these “I ain’t baby sitting shit” Glam-Mas that’s knocking down the club doors before their kids. A time when sleep overs at your Auntee house and house parties were still a regular occurrence. It’s so funny because I’m old enough to remember having to be in the house before the street light came on. Don’t get it twisted, I’m yet young enough to get my “twerk” on…Bow!! 😉 Ask about me!! Lol

Thinking about these kids nowadays, it really seems like this new generation is crazy as hell!! Anybody born after 1990-just don’t know shit about life. You know what I blame?? The damn music. I especially blame these crazy looking new fangled, can barely talk rappers. Just a shame!

Being born in the 80’s means that I spent my formative years growing up during the 90’s. The wonderful 90’s. Why were the 90’s so dope you ask?? 90’s R&B!!! Jodeci, H-Town, Silk, Shai, 112, SWV, R. Kelly, and on and on. Now alot of my elders would argue that 60’s/70’s soul was the best music. I can admit that those songs from then are still very poignant and timeless. But it’s something about that 90’s R&B that I keep it in rotation now!!

Not just the music, but the TV shows. Oh… The TV shows!! Good, black shows that showed us in a positive light… Working, loving and living. (Big Ups to Bill Cosby!!!) But now?? Reality TV. Smh. The curse of reality TV seems to only portray black women as gold digging video hoes with fake asses that fight all the time and black men that only rap, produce, play sports, cheat and lie to the above mentioned black women. Just a hot damn mess!! Need to start a movement to get that dumb shit taken off air. Y’all know what shows I’m talking about… 😒

I’m grateful to have been born in the 80’s. Thinking back on those days brings a smile to my face. It’s so funny how we always said we would never say the shit our parents and grandparents said like ” I sho’ll miss the good ol days!” Now in 2017, I hear folks my age saying it and all I can do is just shake my head in agreement thinking, “Mane…You ain’t lyin”.


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