I just finished watching the premiere of Irv Gotti’s new show, Tales. This first episode was called “F*ck Da Police” after the iconic NWA song. So…the show opens with a young man wearing a hoodie, back pack on his back…nothing too out of the ordinary. It kind of put you in the mind of what Trayvon Martin was wearing the night he was murdered. He is leaving out of his house and gets approached by two police officers. In this exchange, the police are being very aggressive and treat this young man like a criminal for no reason at all. They push him to the ground, he injures his head. He asked them to help him and they just look at him with so much hate in their eyes. As he asks them to help him and attempts to get up, they scream at him to get back down. When he makes it to his feet, they take turns shooting him in the chest. Then they watch him die. My daughter and I were just sitting there with our mouths wide open because the young man that was shot down like a dog was white. The police officers were black. I. WAS. SPEECHLESS.

The entire show was based on a reversal of worlds so to speak. The white people were all in a ‘hood called “The Jungle” and it was very restrictive. They actually had to have passes in order to be in other parts of their city. Not only that, they had to adhere to a curfew. I’m not going to tell the whole show but I admonish you to please check it out for yourself. If this first show is reflective of the episodes to come, I’m already impressed.

My immediate reaction after watching it was, “Yeah!! Woooo!! Now white people will have a glimpse of what black people have been going through.” Then I thought, “Are the really going to care?” You would have to be living in a bubble not to feel somewhat affected by this show. But will they? I mean…I’m black and I almost started to feel bad for the white people that were being treated how black people are really treated. I mean…these black people were horrible to them. LOL It was definitely shocking to watch the roles reversed. And I almost felt bad…almost.

One thing I’m glad they made a point of was when an unarmed white person was killed, there was a plead from the media for any one that would think of protesting to be peaceful and remain calm. Familiar huh? The white people got tired of their people being treated like shit, being killed with no consequence to the black police officers. But you know what ended up happening? They retaliated violently against the black police force. What was even more crazy is that none of the black officers that were getting beat down tried to kill any of the white mob. Now that is how I know it was a tv show because in real life, had that been black people, the police would have been pepper spraying and rubber bulleting the shit out of people if not killing them one by one.

I hope that the white people that watched felt some kind of way watching it. I hope they felt a twinge of guilt and were uncomfortable seeing “their” people go through all of the things that black people go through on a daily basis. I hope they were able to FINALLY put themselves in our shoes to understand why we are so pissed off about what has been happening with our people since the 1600’s. I hope they said to themselves, “OMG, is that what really happens to black people?” Yes. It is. Every day.

I hope that this show helps white people to understand why we are so damn mad about the countless number of black bodies that have been rolled away in body bags at the very hand of the people that are meant to protect and serve us. And no I don’t want to hear that shit about “black on black” crime. That whole narrative is a crock of bull dookie because just like you have black on black crime, you have white on white crime, latino on latino crime, etc. What happens more often than not is that the majority of crimes committed amongst a group of people is by people of the same race as them. No, it is not a good thing that anybody is killing each other, but let’s not single out black people on that topic, ok?? But one thing for sure, when we kill each other, somebody going to jail. It seems like when the police do it, they get a paid vacation. That’s crazy. But I digress from that. I’m supposed to be talking about the show…

So, what did I think about Tales’ first episode? To me…it was a stroke of genius. To be able to put white people in black people’s shoes and show them themselves?? It was ground breaking. My mind was blown. I loved every minute and will be tuning in regularly. I hope that Tales is finally that thing that gets America talking about racism and white privilege and supremacy in this country. You cannot fix a problem if you won’t admit it exists. Will this show break the wall of ignorance and remove the veil from so many white people’s minds and eyes that they will actually see that there is a problem? Based on what I watched tonight, it most definitely could. Bravo to the entire cast and crew. It was awesome!






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