I have been trying not to get political with my posts, but I did promise that my blog would be about any and everything. So here, on the cusp of the 4th of July, America’s birthday, it gives me grief and leaves me utterly disgusted thinking about the Leader of these United States. Donald Trump. SMH *sigh* Yay, America, right? Hell naw…

In my 37 years of living (even though I am only 36), I have been through some interesting Presidents. Ronald W. Reagan, George H.W. Bush, William J. (Bill) Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama. I have to admit that I have never completely agreed with any one President, not even Obama. They all did some uncouth things that made me question how they could sign their names to an “Executive Order” that could jeopardize the very lively hood of the people. However, one thing I can say about each one of these previous Presidents-they all displayed some level of tact in reference to the Office of the President. NOW?? OMG!! This can’t be life!

I have never in all my life seen a man, that is supposed to be the leader of the free world, act so ridiculously childish and neurotic. Starting from his campaign to become President where he admitted to “grabbing pussies”, making fun of the disabled, spewing anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric that has completely divided this country. I know that I shouldn’t be surprised at the level of racism that still exist in 2017, but it seems to me that since this idiot started campaigning, it has really escalated to a level I have never seen before. It is really crazy right now. I will say this though, and I’m sure a lot of my comrades will agree, we are not our ancestors. I warn any Trump supporter of this, “Don’t let your President make you catch these hands.” You can chant “Make America Great Again” all you want to but don’t get slick at the mouth. These days ain’t the old days. Beleah dat! Ok…I digress…

So today, on CNN, I saw that Trump is preparing for the G20 summit where he will meeting with other world leaders, one specifically being Vladimir Putin. Ok…that’s interesting. The other story that I caught up on was that the White House is requesting that every state provide detailed information about each registered voter. Ummm…say whaaa? So of course my brain started to analyze a few things. So Trump has been saying that he has not “colluded” with Russia, even though the same cannot be said about his family member, friends and former employees. He has had no dealings with Putin/Russia and says he doesn’t even know Putin. So why is it that this administration wants to have each state provide all of this information about all of their voters at this time? Sooo…ya’ll just gon’ email all of this shit as an attachment right straight to Russia, huh? I mean…that’s what I think. It just seems extremely suspicious to me.

And why, WHY, is he already having fundraisers for his campaign for his second term in 2020?? *rolling my eyes so hard I almost fell asleep* This dude is the true definition of narcissistic, egotistical, selfish, greedy, stupid, ignorant, uneducated, immature, senile, sloppy, and ridiculous. I’m so ashamed to be from America right now. I wish all of the racist white supremacists that always scream that black people need to go back to Africa would start a GoFundMe or some kind of fund to really make it happen. I would be on the first boat smoking straight to Ghana. I know some of ya’ll not with that but if they want to send me on an all expense paid one way trip to the land of my ancestors…I’m gone!

I still can’t believe that this man is the President. I mean, I really can’t believe that this buffoon is who represents the American people on an international level. Ya’ll know what…It’s kind of like that crazy uncle that lives in the back room of your grandmomma house that only come out to go to church on a special occasion when there is a visiting church and then it’s time for testimony service, he get up and talk about some of the craziest, don’t make no sense shit you ever heard? That’s Donald Trump. He is the crazy back room uncle that is embarrassing all of America.

After having a President as cool and classy as Barack Obama, it is like a bad joke to have this man be the one that got elected. And if somebody don’t take his phone and throw it in the ocean to keep him from tweeting, OMG, they better. Don’t make no sense how stupid it is for the President to be using his platform and power to bully, spew propaganda and demean people using 140 characters or less on Twitter. It is absolutely asinine.

I mean, damn, can’t we have some kind of recall or something? Can’t America not just say, “Ay mane, we messed up, let’s start the whole election over?” With everything going on, I don’t think we need a President right now. America need to break up with Trump and be single for a while. Shit.



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