I know it’s been a few days since my last post but I decided to take a lil break since I started out pretty strong –blogging back to back for a minute. I figure there is no better way to begin again than to discuss my love affair with food. Yes… Love affair… Relationship…sometimes Love/Hate…either way you describe it, I am passionate about food and eating.

Growing up in the south, food is the center of every life event. Yes, I said that right…the food is the center not the event itself. No?? Ok…peep this: To celebrate a marriage- Food at the reception. To morn the loss of a loved one-Food at the repass. To celebrate a baby is coming-Food at the baby shower. To celebrate getting a new home-Food at the house warming. To celebrate a birthday- Food at the party or go out to eat. I mean, every major life event revolves around eating. Even with how you are feeling. Some people eat when they are happy, others eat when they are sad. Food is life.

I have been in a struggle the past few years regarding eating better/healthier. When my Mom was diagnosed with cancer years ago, as a family, we decided that we needed to make better choices. It was hard but my Mom’s disease forced us into a more health conscious path. Also, as I became more “enlightened” about who I am as a melanated, African descended woman, that too played a part with how I treat my body and what I put into it. Pork was the first thing to go. It’s been quite a few years since pork was a main part of my diet. Now, I’m not going to lie to y’all… I still struggle with letting bacon go. I mean, damn it, bacon is one of the best smelling food items this side of heaven. Folger’s coffee think they are the best part of waking up. Ummmm… Nah. It’s waking up the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen! Umph, umph, umph. 🙌 And I’m sorry, no matter how you slice it, fry it, or bake it turkey bacon does not compare. Y’all keep me lifted up in prayer about bacon because it’s a spiritual warfare. Lolol

Eating beef was next on my list a couple years after that. I have never been just a steak kinda girl anyway so big cuts of red meat were not that important to me. Not to mention ground beef and ground chuck were always chewy so I welcomed ground turkey with open arms. Every once in a while, I will crave a Tops cheeseburger, yes it has to be from Tops BBQ. I found out a few months back that they offer turkey patties!! *breaks out into a COGIC run* Letting go of beef, not a biggie.

It’s my ultimate goal and a challenge from my daughter to become a full time pescetarian. What is that you ask? From an article I found via Google, “Pesce, the Italian word for fish, is being associated with people who add aquatic animals to a vegetarian diet. Pescetarians (sometimes called pesco-vegetarians) eat freshwater and saltwater fish and shellfish in addition to the fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, eggs, and dairy vegetarians typically consume.” Which is highly and completely doable for the most part if not for one animal. No, not turkey, i could give turkey up with no problem. I am talking about the barn yard pimp- the chicken. What would the African Americans do without chicken? I’m sure white people would be upset if there was no more chicken, but I’m almost sure there would be mass hysteria amongst my people if chicken ever ceased to exist. A lot of our diet revolves around chicken. Baked, boiled, bbq’d, sauteed, smothered and fried, chicken is a staple. You can’t tell me nothing. Taking a bite of a piece of fried chicken, fresh, season, greasy and hot, is one the best things you’ll ever put in your mouth. My mouth watering now thinking about it. Mane, I love chicken. But you know, at the rate things are going with poultry farms and all the things they do, to not only chickens but all other farm raised animals, may end my relationship with chicken and turkey a lot sooner than later. It’s hard to break a 36 year habit but for my health, I’m willing to make that sacrifice. I have been trying to ween myself off slowly. And I have to give myself credit for making better choices for my family when I grocery shop as well. Not so much as from the aspect of eating meat, but we don’t buy soda and a bunch a junk food. Every so often a bag of chips, a pack of cookies. But keeping those things stocked, you won’t find it in my house.

So before I end this, I have to tell y’all about this dream I have had more than once. This is how deep my relationship with food goes… Lol Ok… In the dream, I passed away and opened my eyes in heaven. I was in line waiting on my turn for judgement. When I did my review, things went very well. There were life mistakes and a few wild moments that made me shame faced 😳 but all in all, it was a good and decent life. So I get the clearance to move ahead but get stopped by this voice that said,  “Before you enter eternal paradise, you must first ask for forgiveness to all of the animals you have ever eaten.” Y’all……😨😨😨 my heart dropped. I was thinking of all the animals I ever ate, I wasn’t going to ever get in heaven. So I start going down the line and started apologizing to all the cows, then pigs. Next were turkeys. From there, it was what seemed like a football field of chickens. It took so long. Then I moved to tanks and tanks of swimming creatures. Fish, crab, shrimp, lobster,etc. But toward the end of my food line, I heard them before I saw them. In horror, I moved to the next containers of animals and OMG! Dogs and cats! I passed out. Then I woke up… 😂😂😂😂 After that dream, I stopped eating anything that wasn’t shrimp from the chinese food restaurants. Lolol

The saying is, you are what you eat. So I’m making a better effort to be more like fruit than a pig. And I definitely don’t want to be a bitch. Lol



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